Chapter 2. Installation

2.1. Software requirements
2.2. Features
2.3. What about the GUI?
2.4. Fonts and OSD
2.4.1. TrueType fonts
2.4.2. bitmap fonts
2.4.3. OSD menu
2.5. Codec installation
2.5.1. Xvid
2.5.2. x264
2.5.3. AMR
2.5.4. XMMS
2.6. RTC

A quick installation guide can be found in the README file. Please read it first and then come back here for the rest of the gory details.

In this section you will be guided through the compilation and configuration process of MPlayer. It's not easy, but it won't necessarily be hard. If you experience a behavior different from this description, please search through this documentation and you'll find your answers.